Links to other professionals

We like these web sites and recommend you follow them. Smartly written film reviews are a snap shot into the heart of the film or TV series. You can learn a lot about why films work or do not, by reading reviews. In the case of Cactus Lab we encourage you to contribute to the reviews they post and to start to dialog with other reviewers.

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The Good in movies

Dominic Corrie’s film reviews, on his web site “The Good in Film”, are witty and smart. His reviews may help you sharpen your critical sense and focus your own writing.


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Kimberly Nelson

K.M. Weilland’s web site is packed with good advice for writers of books. We highly recommend you follow her.

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lisa cron

Lisa Cron, is a leading book coach, literary editor and consultant. Her TED talk on her theory that we are “all wired for story” is compulsive viewing. We highly recommend you follow Lisa also.