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If you can imagine it, you can write it.


Turning an idea into a dazzling script and finding your unique voice as a writer requires both imagination and skill. Writing is like architecture.

To build your own personal Chrysler Building or Statue of Liberty, you’ll be integrating the design, engineering, wiring, and plumbing into a notable structure populated with fascinating tenants, and built to withstand all types of weather or, in our case, the shifting demands of the marketplace.

We can help you to do that. Look upon us as your personal writing subcontractors


What we offer

• If you have an idea for film, television, or a web series, we will collaborate on its development until it is ready for the marketplace. We won’t take it over, or attempt to write it for you, but we will teach you how to make it the best work you can possibly write.

• If you have a first draft script which needs work, we will guide you through as many drafts as necessary.

• We limit our book editing services to manuscripts for non-fiction, autobiographies, and memoirs. If you have only an initial idea for a non-fiction project, we will assist you in providing publishers with a first chapter and outline for subsequent chapters, which are necessary for professional submission.

Bonus Offer

If we feel your finished script or book is ready to be sold we will introduce you to managers and agents who are looking for your particular type of work.


Fees are personalized, varying according to how much time you want to invest in developing your project. After reading your material, we will discuss our estimate of the time needed to get you a finished, fully polished script or book.